Radical Love, warts and all.

For so long now there has been an honesty drought on the internet. But lately, bit by bit, people are finally beginning to speak their truth on their platforms. As generations go by, the more self-aware the majority of society is becoming. The world is becoming more accepting and encouraging of things that weren’t socially acceptable previously, and as a result of this we are also becoming more accepting of ourselves. This is solely down to people using their voices and speaking about what they care about. People want change and are doing their damn best to make that happen. I personally think it’s fucking brilliant, and I want to be a part of that.

For those of you who know me, none of this will be a shock to you. But for those of you who don’t know me… here’s a little brief: My name is Cassie, I’m 22 and live in Merseyside, England. I will be attending The University of Liverpool in September 2020 to study Adult Nursing whilst also taking a sexual abuse counselling course and a Sex and Relationships course on the side. Once I am qualified, I hope to combine all of these qualifications and work towards pursuing a career as a Sex and Relationships Therapist / Sex Education Nurse. I run an organisation called MSAS: Merseyside Sexual Assault Support, for people of all genders to get free and confidential support. I’m passionate about feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, inclusive sex-education, sex & relationships, sexual liberation and socialism… y’know, things that make you wanna roll your eyes when you hear them spoken about over a pint.

Prior to RadicalLove.co.uk I had a blog and a YouTube channel. As well as this was going for me, I ended up stopping.  This was quite some time ago now and I think that its sudden demise was mainly down to me having no passion for my content. I wrote about makeup and fashion, and it just wasn’t the full me. dI love makeup and still enjoy watching that sort of content… just not creating it. I enjoyed being creative and I enjoyed the production side of things but there was only so much I could personally write about what makeup I buy, when inside I cared about so much more. This is no shade to anyone who IS passionate about that kind of thing, it just wasn’t me and I knew this. Towards the end of my “YouTube career” I started to make content about sex & relationships and it felt fantastic. It was a pleasure producing that sort of content, and I wish it hadn’t come to such a halt. Unfortunately, when I moved to China for a year it became challenging to keep it up. I was already lacking motivation because it was no longer clear what sort of message I was giving out or what my “brand” was, so the lack of time was just another reason for me not to continue. I felt a little overwhelmed and lost with it all and so I just stopped. So this time, it’s authentically Cass, warts and all.

So back to the aforementioned honesty on the internet and all of those topics I mentioned earlier on… they’re what sort of subjects to expect at Radical Love. That’s what i’m going to be writing about. I want to help women become sexually liberated! I want to encourage people of all genders to educate themselves on feminism, their bodies, their sexuality,  BDSM, solo sex and queer sex! It is not a crime for women to talk about sex or masturbation but somehow it always feels like it is and I’m not okay with it being this way forever. So in an effort to break that stigma, I’m going to be talking about it at any given point. I want this content to be informative but not too intense or overwhelming. I’m going to keep it fun, personal (how can it not be?), easy to read and hopefully enlightening!

IG 1,,,

For the last two and a bit years I have also been doing some freelance writing that I kept quiet from the majority of people around me. Ghost writing for a sexual health clinic and an adult website. This has only motivated me to continue writing about what I care about and to publish my own stuff. So that’s what I’m doing kids!

I don’t know everything there is to know about all of these topics. Let’s face it, there’s no qualification for BDSM. coolI too am still educating myself on all of them. I once read that you should always be consuming more than you’re producing. So, you better believe that with every post I publish, I’ve read ten more, watched plenty of videos, discussed it with several of my peers and read countless books on it. And that’s a promise. That being said, I’ve learnt a lot in my journey towards sexual liberation and I’m here to impart that wisdom. Wanna hear about the latest vibrators on the scene? Hear about my experiences in the subspace? Watch me question the fuck out of the heteronormative society we live in? Dip your toes into BDSM? Learn where to meet other queers? Then I’m definitely your gal.



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