Blackfishing: a term used to describe someone who pretends to be black or appropriates black culture by using makeup, hair products or surgery in some cases, to drastically change their appearance so they look black.

The issue does not lie with people tanning but with people becoming racially ambiguous all for a cosmetic look. Black women and WOC have suffered years of oppression because of their skin colour. These women have been told by the media and by society that dark skin is less attractive, so why is it okay and deemed attractive for a white woman to replicate it?

As a white woman, by darkening your skin you are stealing a black woman’s aesthetic but keeping a white woman’s privileges. The people that choose to use excessive fake tan are the same people that benefit from a system that discriminates and oppresses black people and POC. They are discriminated against and mocked for having dark skin, and yet white people are praised and glorified.

Black people and POC cannot wash the colour of their skin off at the end of the day. It is offensive for white people to use it for cosmetic gain without dealing with the associations attached to having dark skin.

Nobody is saying ‘oh you use fake tan? Yeah you’re racist!’. Let’s not get it twisted, the use of fake tan is fine. Applying fake tan to the point that your race is questionable is blackfishing and is a very ignorant form of racism.

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