National underwear day 2020

It’s international underwear day baby! It was originally founded in 2003 by a company called freshpair to promote positive female body image!! And whilst that is boss, my take on the day is genderless. One of my favourite versions of Cassie is Cassie in underwear. I’m not really one to follow the gender binary and boxers have been something I’ve worn for a while now. They’re comfy, they make me feel like the dyke of my dreams and tbh with you, I think they’re hot. But I also find lingerie, thongs and stockings hot too. Unfortunately “Mens” underwear is designed to be more comfortable than women’s underwear. This is because women’s aren’t designed for comfort but are designed for beauty. What if I want to be comfortable AND hot? Even the “female boxers” aren’t comfortable, they’re tight and make me feel like I’m punishing my vulva and thighs. The same goes for men and enbys. What if they want to wear a red lace body suit? Does it have to be them dressing in “women’s clothes”? Or is it just them wearing what they want. Underwear should be for all. I’ve found so much empowerment (and comfort) from wearing boxers and it’s nice to not always be performing femininity like I used to. But I also find empowerment from whacking a corset and stockings on too. I do whatever the fuck makes me feel best, regardless of what I’m told my gender should do/wear. FUCK the gender binary. Underwear has NO gender. Wear whatever the fuck you want baby.

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