Trans rights are NOT up for debate.

The recent tirade against trans folk is becoming increasingly more scary to witness. JK R*wling’s transphobic tweets, the government rolling back on plans that had previously been promised to trans folk and today’s garbage hashtag of the day.. “only females get cervical cancer”.
It’s all been horrific for the trans community. Horrific and incredibly harmful.
People seem to be scared of “new” terms like non-binary or transgender, as well as many other new terms surrounding gender identity and gender expression. These terms may be relatively new but the concepts and people who identify with them have always been here. Trans and non-binary folk have ALWAYSbeen here. The only new thing here is the terminology.
By taking away trans and enby rights you are not getting rid of the people themselves… just their safety.
Learn what these terms mean. Ask your friends their preferred pronouns and then respect them. Speak out against our shitty government. We cannot let the trans community down.
Trans rights are NOT up for debate.

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