Your body isn’t a bad word!

I had a long conversation yesterday with friends about our old teachers and it sparked a memory of my biology teacher saying to our class “scream the word penis and vagina, let’s get it out of our system so we can continue” so at the start of the lesson we all shouted out these “taboo” or “funny” words. Which is bizarre really, because they’re just words for our body… factually correct words for our body.
This teacher then continued the class using the correct anatomical words for genitalia and I thank them for that so much.
I never shy away from saying words like vulva or vagina or anus etc because fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself (I’d say what book that is from but she’s just outed herself as a TERF so :/ yikes). We say hand? Toes. Knees. So why can’t I call it what it is. My vulva. My breasts.
I think this starts from parents finding it uncomfortable to use these words with their children. Using pet names can seem easier in the moment but in the long run it can cause issues. Using names like “flower” or “pee pee” inadvertently teaches kids that their private parts are places we shouldn’t speak about. This could lead to self esteem issues or even keeping things to themselves if they are ever touched inappropriately. Similarly, teaching kids the correct anatomical names would help a child if they were to ever be sexually assaulted. Passing this information on to a professional is am lot easier when using correct terms and helps if and when things are taken to court. The correct terms also help when kids are going through puberty… explaining to children the changes that will happen to their body as puberty kicks in. The topic can be then discussed without making it into a joke or belittling its importance.
Calling it by a fake name is almost trying to hide what it is. When there is nothing to hide. The sooner people know that their body, specifically their genitals, are nothing to be ashamed of and that they can be spoken about. The sooner people will not only find comfort in who they are but be empowered by who they are. Sex and body positivity is empowering. So can we pls stop with “wee wee” and “cookie” ? You body isn’t a bad word!!!

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