Trans men, non-binary and genderfluid, genderqueer and gender non-conforming people may
use chest binders, which are specially designed vest-like garments, to flatten their chest. Some people use sports bras or layer their clothing to achieve a flat chest look.

Types of binders:
  • Sports Bras: some people find sports bras achieve the flatness they desire
  • Cropped Binders: these typically reach to just above the belly-button
  • Long/vest Binders: these typically reach the waist. The lower section may or may not
    bind the stomach also
  • Zip Up Binder: These usually have a zip up the front or back middle or side to make
  • putting them on easier

Where to get a binder:

Spectrum @spectrumoutfitters
G2CB @g2cb
Underworks @underworksstore
Flavnt @flavnt_streetwear
Amor Binders @amor_binders – designed by a neurodivergent non-binary person to be more
comfortable for people who experience sensory issues. Based in Australia.

Places you may be able to access free or reduced price binders:
Your local LGBT+ group
The companies above may run giveaways/offers on their social media so follow and keep an eye out!
*Most of these stores ship discreetly but always check if you don’t want people to know what you are ordering
**Always check individual brand size guides when ordering a binder as each company will have different recommendations

Putting your binder on:

  • Usually binders are put on over the head like a vest or tshirt
  • Some people find it easier to pull them up over their legs
  • It may take a few tries to get the positioning of your chest comfortable. Try both moving
    your chest down and out and/or up and out
  • Once you’re comfortable, look at yourself in the mirror, not down at yourself as this is
    how other people will see you!!
  • To take your binder off, pull over your head or slide off the arms and down
  • Once you have taken it off, have a big cough to expand your lungs and chest muscles and dislodge any fluid build up in your lungs

Don’t sleep in your binder
Don’t use bandages or tape to bind
Try not to wear your binder for more than 8 hours a day
Don’t wear a binder that is too small

Buy your binders from a reputable source, not off ebay or amazon (unless second hand)
If you are planning to wear a binder for exercise try and buy one or two sizes up
Wash your binders often
Take breaks throughout the day, try and find a private space where you can remove your binder
so you can do some deep breathing
Take days off from wearing if you can
Stay hydrated – wearing skin tight clothing can increase sweating and dehydrate you faster.
Listen to your body. If you feel pain or discomfort – take your binder off!

COVID19 – If you have any symptoms of COVID19, do not wear your binder as this could seriously impact your lung capacity.

Written By Charlie Knowles (He/Him)

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